The 11 Facts Moms-to-be Should Know About Postpartum Depression

I’m pleased to report that I was interviewed for an article by Self Magazine Health Editor, Amy Marturana on Postpartum Depression.

The article focused on the facts (vs Myths) about postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, with the intent that moms-to-be should be aware of the signs and symptoms in order to be educated about this common complication of pregnancy and childbirth. To be educated is a way of being prepared and proactive. We find that early identification and treatment means an early recovery for the mom, as well as a better connection with their baby and their spouse. published the article last week (see the link below).


~ by ppdsus on March 30, 2016.

2 Responses to “The 11 Facts Moms-to-be Should Know About Postpartum Depression”

  1. my girlfriend was suffering from this for a while and refused to take pills which i didnt blame her. I got her some kratom tea and it seems to help her tremendously

  2. It can be especially difficult to express these feelings and thoughts. However, it is more important for those around you to be aware of your challenges so that they can assist you in your rehabilitation.

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