Postpartum Support International (PSI), a group that I am proud to be a part of, has declared May 7 to be International Maternal Mental Health Awareness Day,

The nonprofit organization is calling this year’s campaign, “You Are Not Alone” and to echo that theme, I’m using my social media pages to offer free copies of my book, “Happy Endings, New Beginnings: Navigating Postpartum Disorders,” to the first 10 people to respond to my posts.

I selected this offer because my book includes inspiring stories of women I have treated with postpartum disorders. These true vignettes encourage others to take control of their distressing symptoms, and navigate the challenges to find meaning in their experience, and likewise to make it a positive life-changing event. And by sharing my own personal experience with this syndrome in the book’s pages, I emphasize PSI’s theme of not suffering in silence.

Ann Smith, CNM, and president of PSI, emphasized that “with prompt treatment and support, most women will make a complete recovery within the first year.” This positive statement is mirrored in my patients’ lives. And, that is another reason for my book giveaway. I’m hoping that along with the profiles of new moms, readers will also learn to examine truths and falsehoods about postpartum depression, learn how to deal with unsolicited advice, apply guidelines for spouses, partners, and friends, and find the healing power of hope and spirituality.

Regarding PSI’s goals, I’m particularly interested in the exercise its Board conducted recently. “We asked ourselves, if we had a million dollars, what could we do to help more women?” Smith said. “Three priorities rose to the top. First, provide free or low cost training in perinatal mood disorders for mental health providers in underserved areas where women have almost no access to knowledgeable care. Second, initiate training programs for law enforcement and legal experts to understand symptoms of severe perinatal illness and thus avoid future tragedies. Third, create an endowment to fund research in perinatal mental health.”

It would be wonderful to see all of those priorities implemented and the number of new moms who experience postpartum depression reduced significantly. I’m hoping this May 7 Awareness Day brings the funding needed to accomplish these steps, and that my small contribution to “You Are Not Alone” brings encouragement, relief, and hope to those who receive my book.


~ by ppdsus on May 4, 2015.


  1. I would love a free copy of your book to read and then add to our resource library in my private practice!

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