Preparation is Key: Concerns About Another Round Of Postpartum Depression?

The Post-Postpartum Depression Blog

Many women who experience postpartum depression are understandably reluctant to take a chance with another pregnancy. They’re aware of the challenges of the illness for themselves, their family, and the newborn. So, believing they are fated to go on the same roller coaster journey, they stop at one.

While I respect every woman’s decision on family planning, I do let my patients know that a first bout of PPD doesn’t necessarily mean it will be repeated with subsequent pregnancies. But, at they same time, I do alert them they are at higher risk and although we can put a prevention plan in place, it could still happen again.

A recent article by Kate Rope, an award-winning journalist and contributor to and the Huffington Post, proposed a worthwhile route if there is fear of another round of PPD. Her suggestion is: Be Prepared, and Rope managed this by arranging beforehand…

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~ by ppdsus on October 27, 2014.

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