Hats Off to Professionals Motivated to Attend Training in Perinatal Mood Disorders

I recently was asked to speak about my book, Happy Endings, New Beginnings: Navigating Postpartum Disorders at the 2-day training course (see below) offered by Postpartum Support International. In my mind, this is such a critical time for women and families. It makes all the difference when women who struggle during this period can get help from an informed mental health therapist with specialty training in perinatal disorders.

As I told the 50 or so professionals attending this course, I want to congratulate you all for coming to this training course on perinatal issues, as “the work you do and will do with women has such far reaching effects. Sometimes until you work in this area, you don’t realize the full impact and the ripple effect that a postpartum illness can have.”

Postpartum illness not only influences the well-being of the woman and her health and happiness, but also affects her relationship with her baby (in terms of attachment) and other children, the health and longevity of the couple’s relationship, as well as having an impact on friends, extended family, and on a larger level even our society.

When we as a society begin to realize the importance of healthy mothers and families, we may begin to experience a gentler and kinder society.. one with happier moms, couples and families.



~ by ppdsus on September 1, 2013.

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