Many Thanks to Writer Teme Ring and Her Highland Park Patch Story

I’m always pleased when an article about my new book appears in the media. Not only is the mention a source of pride, but I know the positive message about navigating postpartum disorders will now reach a larger audience. And of course, that was my purpose in writing the book.

I’ll post a few excerpts from Ring’s comprehensive and enlightening interview. But, I hope you’ll take the time to click on the link below and read the entire piece.

“Dr. Feingold’s contribution to the field is original and potentially lifesaving. According to Feingold, tragic endings are the exception. With proper guidance, postpartum depression and related disorders (there are several) can be one of the most transformative and productive experiences of a woman’s life. Sound impossible? According to Feingold, it’s a real and even likely outcome. Happy Endings, New Beginnings takes readers through the healing process to a life that’s meaningful, rewarding and full of reasons to live it.”

“So often we read about the terrible tragedies, but they’re rare. The media makes it sound like everybody who has postpartum depression is going to kill themselves which isn’t the case. It is a possibility because it can be such a painful and dark illness, but what I started realizing was that nobody was talking about the majority of women who not only get better, but grow. If women only knew that not only would they survive this, but that it might be the biggest growth experience of their life, that this would help them to change and transform, then maybe they wouldn’t feel so desperate to take their life. They would have hope.”

To read the complete interview, click here:


~ by ppdsus on May 17, 2013.

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