Responsible Journalists Can Be Allies In Spreading Accurate Information

I’m pleased to announce that on Saturday, April 13, at 11 a.m., I’ll be a guest on Bill Moller’s WGN 720 AM radio show . I’m looking forward to his interview because I’ve learned that responsible journalists like Moller, and Dawn Turner Trice, who recently wrote a column about my work, can be powerful advocates in helping spread accurate information about the range of postpartum disorders.

When sensational stories of severe psychosis grab the headlines, many women are too frightened to reveal their own symptoms. They fear being grouped together with mothers who engage in bizarre behavior that harm themselves or their child. This stigma and fear blocks them from reaching out to get help and to heal.

For that reason, I’m grateful to Trice, and am looking forward to my upcoming interview with Moller, because I know these ethical reporters put dramatic stories in perspective. The print and broadcast media can do much to help educate the public about the spectrum of postpartum disorders, and to emphasize that the headline examples are rare exceptions and not the rule.

Those of us who treat women with postpartum disorders are especially pleased when trustworthy journalists become our allies in delivering accurate information.Their work not only helps dispel myths, but more importantly, it encourage new mothers to get help.


~ by ppdsus on April 11, 2013.

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