You Gotta Have Friends!

I’m thinking about friends.. how important they are. They are our biggest fans applauding our accomplishments and compassionate listeners when we’re struggling with life’s challenges. I’m planning to see some of my closest friends this weekend.. I’m so grateful for them!

I’ve asked many women the following question in an informal survey. I would love to hear what you think.. to get some male perspective on friends.

Here’s what you said in my informal survey: (whether you are in a relationship or not)

Why Do You Need Your Good Friends/Girlfriends?

  • Close friends are people you can confide in; they listen and validate you.
  • They give you another perspective on your problems and help you find solutions you can’t see on your own.
  • They listen to you talk about your relationship. You can vent and get advice.
  • No matter how close you may be with your partner, men and women don’t always enjoy the same activities. There are “girlie” things you can share only with your women friends: shopping, romantic chick flicks, mani-pedis.
  • She’s someone you never have to impress. You can just be yourself, with no makeup at all.
  • She’s someone you can be silly and laugh with.
  • She’s someone who takes away your loneliness by connecting and talking with you.
  • We’re pack animals—like dogs, only with more fashion sense.
  • It’s evolution: Men hunted and gathered; women birthed and nurtured. Safety was in numbers. Those traits got passed on. Now they’re genetic
  • It’s someone to call when the best things happen and you want to celebrate; someone to call when the worst things happen and you need to cry with someone who makes you feel safe.
  • Good friends help to make everything better.
  • As people, we are a social breed. Good friends share in our joys and sorrows. They offer a different point of view and support when things are challenging.
  • I have found that someone who is a good friend has good friends.
  • We have many acquaintances but few actual friends.
  • Good friends are those who are always there when you need them, in good times and bad.
  • You can count on friends to tell you the truth and to be on your side; they say the right things at the right time.
  • A friend is somebody who I care about and enjoy sharing my life with.
  • A friend is somebody who is real with me and I can be the same with them.
  • With friends, there is a ready and voluntary exchange, through tears and laughter, anger and frustration, and all of the other emotions that human beings have.
  • You can let all your defenses down with a good friend and feel totally relaxed and safe. You don’t have to put on a brave face.
  • Who else is going to tell you if your butt looks big in your clothes? Who else will be around through all your good and bad times?



~ by ppdsus on March 2, 2012.

One Response to “You Gotta Have Friends!”

  1. Hi Susan. My best friend (for 10 years) is a girl. We were never in a relationship, but we love each other more than many pairs do, I’m certain.

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