Finding the Path to Wellness

In my last blog I wrote about life lessons and challenges. As I think more about that and the road to wellness, I realize that in order to accomplish our goals, we oftentimes need persistence to beat the odds. We have to approach our personal challenge and never give up. We need to find the purpose and the meaning of this life lesson.

This is especially pertinent in not giving up the fight to get well and to find help.. whether your fighting cancer or postpartum depression. Never give up the struggle and you will eventually find your way. Use appreciation of your gifts (which could be your ability to write, do artwork or to have loving friends and/or family) to find your way to wellness. Appreciate what you have been given, despite your illess and find a way to use that in order to find your path to wellness.

I have a friend and colleague who sought help for her postpartum depression and tried twelve different mental health providers before she found one to help her. She used her strength and persistence. She not only got well, but went on to eventually write a book and become one of the leaders in the field.

You are meeting a big challenge that’s for sure, but it’s something you can take on. Wellness and other gifts lie right around the corner.

Don’t give up!


~ by ppdsus on September 24, 2011.

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