The times they are a-changin’ -Bob Dylan

Change is the one thing we can count on. Even though the mere thought of our life changing scares us, we know that it is inevitable. Change is the one thing, in addition to death (that’s a topic for another time) that we cannot avoid. Whether we like it or not, everything and everybody changes. It’s a universal law like entropy. We know it. Change is part of life.

Why is it that some of us resist change at all costs and others embrace it? Why do some people love change; they even seek it out, get bored with sameness and fear stagnation? Yet there are those of us, who refuse to accept change and hold on to sameness, and the security that comes with the familiar.

In my book, Happy Endings, New Beginnings: Post-Postpartum Depression, I discuss postpartum depression as a life-changing event and a catalyst for transformation. I encourage moms to explore their own positive outcome. Sometimes during the experience of postpartum illness, you get a snapshot of someone in crisis. What you don’t see is how they fare down the road, how their experience fosters resilience and imparts a lesson or sense of meaning. Sometimes the changes made appear small, but other times they are life-altering. Despite our resistance to change, painful illnesses like PPD are often significant opportunities to stand back and re-evaluate our life choices. It is through the journey that we change and grow.

Be not afraid of growing slowly.

Be afraid of standing still.

                                             -Chinese Proverb

As I contemplate these issues, I face my own challenges and changes which come with that period of life known as “the empty nest syndrome”.  As my youngest child packs up and leaves for college.. I contemplate all these same things as you do about change, while trying to meet the challenge with a positive attitude. I think of those lyrics of the old Bob Dylan song, the times they are a-changin’ and try to embrace this time of change. Viva la journey!


~ by ppdsus on July 28, 2011.

One Response to “The times they are a-changin’ -Bob Dylan”

  1. Carol made a comment:

    This is a huge time of changes for me too. My nest will be empty in 3 weeks and I think it’s gonna hit me hard when it comes. Of course I’m excited for him to go to college and have new experiences, and I need to keep strong and find my way alone. Thank goodness for friends to lean on! Good luck with your journey!

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